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Travelling around the Middle East

It has been a while since my last post, and today I would like to talk about travelling.

There are many positive opportunities given by travelling. From exploring new cultures, to trying new cuisine. All is possible by travelling. In fact in life, it has been always suggested that a positive outlook to life, it is provided by travelling.

I particularly enjoy travelling and visiting my relatives in the Middle East, going to Dubai, or Jordan allow for exploring new and old cities.

This easter i went to Amman, the capital of Jordan, the trip is slightly long, but, is advisable for everyone who enjoys food and travelling on budget.

Unfortunately, I did not visit the desert, as I did the time when I was a kid, when I went with my parents to my country of origin, Iraq, but I had the chance of being taken out by my lovely relatives and go eating food and smoke shisha.

Moreover, this time I went there for a particular reason, a family member was getting married, so it was a particularly special occasion.

Usually, when I travel to the Middle East, it was in Dubai, the city in always expansion, in the Middle East, a city of adventures, and shopping, if you enjoy desert trips, I would recommend you to visit Dubai, as desert trips, last 1 day and are well organised.

Beside desert trips, there are the shopping centres, which are the size of cities, with multiple floors, for all tastes, from the Dubai Mall, to the Mall of Emirates, Dubai offer also indoor skiing, a thing, which in a city which during summer, reacher 40 degrees celsius, is a bit of an adventure.

To conclude, I would recommend to eat out if possible, in Amman, in a restaurant called, Zoohor Shafa, i don't remember the address, but the grill, was really nice, and in Dubai, I would always recommend to go to Novikov for who has a large budget, is always recommended some good sushi, in Amman, i only found Fame, as a sushi place, that it was tasty and good.

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